Forrest Gump

Jenny, a young girl from Greenbow, Alabama dreams of escaping a world of torment and sexual molestation at the hands of her father by leaving her home town and embracing the lifestyle of a liberal “free-spirited” woman. Her decision to buck the conservative American value system exacts a heavy penance on her. The sexual promiscuity of her college years leads to a rapid descent into the adult entertainment industry where she is routinely sexually humiliated in public. Over the years, she rebounds from one physically abusive and misogynistic relationship to another. At the end of her dark, decades-spanning journey of drug abuse, sexual exploitation and several near-successful suicide attempts, she is finally rewarded by rapidly succumbing to AIDS and forced into marriage with the a mentally disabled childhood friend in the hopes that his prosperous conservative lifestyle can provide for their bastard chid in her absence.


After recovering from a crippling caffeine pill addiction, Jessie Spano drops out of Bayside High, runs away from home and hitches up with Special Agent Dale Cooper to travel to a near-identical copy of ’90s-era Las Vegas which is set on the planet Mars and stage the sleaziest version of 42nd Street ever performed!


Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

A reclusive and eccentric chocolate magnate enslaves an entire race of unpaid migrant workers who labour in his factory while he terrifies, tortures and possibly murders several children in a mad quest to find a successor gullible enough to be a front for his company, allowing him to “retire” and thus evade massive corporate taxation.